About Hakuba

At the base of one of the highest sections of the Northern Japanese Alps, Hakuba is one of Japan’s main ski and hiking centers. In Winter, skiers and snowboarders from all over Japan and increasingly from overseas flock to Hakuba’s seven ski resorts. In Summer, the region is crowded with hikers drawn by easy access to the high peaks. There are several onsen in and around Hakuba-mura, the main village, and a long soak after a day of skiing, snowboarding and hiking is the perfect way to ease your muscles. There are several ski resorts in the Winter Season, to choose from. These include Happo-One, Hakuba 47/ Goryu Ski Resort, Cortina, Tsugaiki and Iwataki, however, there are many more to explore.

In Summer, take the gondola and the two upper chairlifts, and then hike along a trail for an hour or so to the pond Happo-ike on a ridge below Karamatsu-dake. From here, follow a trail for up to an hour to Maru-yama, continue for 1 1/2 hours to the Karamatsu-dake San-so (mountain hut) (2695m) in about 30 minutes. These are only some options that you can choose from.
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