Getting To Hakuba

Getting to HakubaJapan has an excellent transportation system, world-renowned for its efficiency and ease of use. Tickets are available from vending machines or from the ticket office near the entry/exit points.

Airports to Hakuba
All airports, including Narita Airport near Tokyo, the new Kansai International Airport near Osaka, have direct, regular connections to the main city train stations. There are plenty of signs in English, and both airports have English speakers at the tourist information stands.

Trains to Hakuba
Trains are a convenient method of transport to and from Hakuba. Tickets are purchased from vending machines within the station, and most stations are signed in English. Tokyo, and Osaka have loop lines (see right) which allows easy access to all other train lines. Colour coded maps of the train and subway lines are available from tourist information centers.
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Buses to Hakuba
Bus services run from Shinjuku station to Hakuba Village.
Alpico Highland Express buses run from Nagano Station to Hakuba daily (1 hour)
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Transportation to Hakuba